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A huge earthquake hits Gensokyo and black clouds arose from the hole it created. The clouds brought forth black rain which corroded the lands of Gensokyo. The source of the earthquake seems to have come from the underground. What happened there? How did such a calamity happen?

Utsuho of the Void was the very first doujinshi I translated and edited. And because I was new at it, there were a few problems with it. Since then, I’ve decided to stick only to translations and leave the editing to the great people over at Voile.

This meant any further edits were left in the void, also no new chapters were in sight. But now that all five chapters have appeared, I can finally finish the first doujinshi I have ever worked on! All chapters have been translated and three are ready for reading (much thanks to natural-log)! Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – False Sun
Chapter 2 – The Sunspot’s Light
Chapter 3 – The Pain of Separation

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So I was pretty bored and decided to try my hand at translating a [non ero] Touhou doujinshi. I randomly picked one and it turned out to be “Kokuu no Utsuho” by Shigure Ebi which was released this past Comiket (78). And this being chapter one, of course there will be more. And if I come upon it I’ll translate them. Maybe. If I feel like it.

I don’t know much about cleaning, re-drawing, or whatever goes on with manga/doujinshi so I just did the best I could, and that was SPAM THE CLONE TOOL TO DEATH!

Edit: Re-edited Version!
Edit 2: Gensokyo.org (Voile) Version

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