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It’s New Year’s Eve, Keine sends Mokou to give their homemade soba to people who have been helpful to them. When Mokou returns home, Keine is nowhere to be found. Worried, she tries to find any leads for Keine’s whereabouts. Where could Keine be? On a day like this, a youkai strength is the same as a human’s, did something happen to her?


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Mokou can’t get along with anyone but Keine, Keine feeling this isn’t good for Mokou, she encourages her to try out different school clubs as a way to get used to people. However, Keine starts feeling lonely without Mokou and mustered up her courage to ask Mokou to join her club… but Mokou had already decided on a club she wants to join.

More VIVIT GRAY, more Keine X Mokou. Although I do like this pair, I sort of want to see something else from VIVIT GRAY. But now that we’re in an alternate world, we’ll keep seeing more Keine X Mokou stories.


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VIVIT GRAY - Dandelion

Here is a short alternate story with Mokou X Keine in high school.

Oops, was supposed to add this along with the Inarekiezoka post. ;;

Download here.

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Vivit Gray - Inarekiezoka

Keine’s lesson for today is about counting objects. Mokou visits Keine at her school to bring her something she forgot and was invited to join the lesson. This got Mokou thinking of numbers and years she’s been alive…and for how long she can remember her experiences…


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Oh hey, it’s been a while! And I’ve come bearing three doujinshi for you to read.

The first one was actually done and completed a long while ago, but I forgot to make a post about it because I was reading Flyable Heart! If you’re subscribed to Gensokyo.org, you may have already read it, that doujinshi is VIVIT GRAY’s “Hanbuko no Mannaka”. Just like precious VIVIT GRAY works, this doujin features the coupling of Mouko X Keine, this time in a few short stories for you to enjoy.

The second is the sequel to one of my new favorite series from one of my new favorite circles, Mori no Hon’s “Omoito”. Loved the first part (Eins), and the second part (Zwei) was just as good and fun to read. I was so excited by it I chose to do everything by myself, from translation to editing. Of course, I got some help from the great people over at Voile. Thanks guys!

And the third is Millet Soup’s “Sutekina Asa no Hajimari ha!!” which I posted about a while back. The cover had both Alice and Aya, two of my top favorite Touhou characters, so I jumped on it when I saw it, and it didn’t disappoint.

Click on the images up there for the download links.

Hope you enjoy these! And visit Gensokyo for more great doujinshi!

Well, I’m off to read more Flyable Heart and possibly attempt to beat Touhou 06 in hard mode!

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This doujinshi features four short stories featuring Keine and Mokou’s relationship.

Seems VIVIT GRAY sure like this pairing as we have another doujinshi featuring them, this is like, the fourth one? Nothing wrong with that, the stories are pretty cute and heartwarming, but I would like to see a doujinshi with a different pairing than Keine x Mokou. Maybe Marisa X Rinnousuke that was slightly shown in “Acoustic Blue Hour“.

Regardless, another nice doujin for those Keine x Mokou fans!

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or Battle to Love?

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