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Hourai has left Alice’s side. She wants to know exactly what she is… why is she moving without the aid of Alice, why is she conscious? And the one who knows that, is Yuuka. Having spent time with a self moving doll, Medicine, Yuuka may know what Hourai is and what is going on. The truth is then revealed. And Alice fights to save her precious friend.


The final entry of the the Omoito series. I have been eagerly waiting to see the conclusion of this story. It was a great emotional ending, I really recommend this to everyone.

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Omoito Drei

Oh yes! I’m excited about this next release by Morino Hon! The next installment in the Omoito series, Drei, will be released this upcoming Comiket 80 (mid August).

When I saw the cover I got pretty excited, joining our two automated dolls will be the doll from the Nameless Hill, Medicine Melancholy! Pretty excited in seeing where the story will go from here and what Medicine will bring to the plot. Maybe she will be used as a clue as to why both Hourai and Shanghai gained consciousness.

Enjoy the sample!

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Oh hey, it’s been a while! And I’ve come bearing three doujinshi for you to read.

The first one was actually done and completed a long while ago, but I forgot to make a post about it because I was reading Flyable Heart! If you’re subscribed to Gensokyo.org, you may have already read it, that doujinshi is VIVIT GRAY’s “Hanbuko no Mannaka”. Just like precious VIVIT GRAY works, this doujin features the coupling of Mouko X Keine, this time in a few short stories for you to enjoy.

The second is the sequel to one of my new favorite series from one of my new favorite circles, Mori no Hon’s “Omoito”. Loved the first part (Eins), and the second part (Zwei) was just as good and fun to read. I was so excited by it I chose to do everything by myself, from translation to editing. Of course, I got some help from the great people over at Voile. Thanks guys!

And the third is Millet Soup’s “Sutekina Asa no Hajimari ha!!” which I posted about a while back. The cover had both Alice and Aya, two of my top favorite Touhou characters, so I jumped on it when I saw it, and it didn’t disappoint.

Click on the images up there for the download links.

Hope you enjoy these! And visit Gensokyo for more great doujinshi!

Well, I’m off to read more Flyable Heart and possibly attempt to beat Touhou 06 in hard mode!

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Aya, running out of material for her Bunbunmaru Newspaper, is suddenly dragged into an incident. An incident that left her injured and unconscious in front of Alice’s house. What happened to Aya for her to be in that state? Who did that to her? And is that Alice X Aya I see!?

I gotta love Millet Soup for pairing up Alice and Aya, two of my favorite Touhou characters! I don’t think I ever seen them paired up before. They worked together in Ima, Anata no Tonari ni Iru no! but there weren’t any yuri vibes like in this one. Maybe that’s where it all started. lol

For an Aya fan (and Alice fan at that) like me, this was a great doujin to read. I translated it and it’s awaiting editing, I’ll make a post with download link when finished.

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This feels a little bit shoujo-ish, which I like. Which also kinda makes me remember Yukina from Watashi ni XX Shinasai!, this Reimu sure looks like her right?

The shadow around Reimu’s eyes are a bit weird though, it says she’s mad [maybe], but her expressions doesn’t show it.


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Being Friday the 13th, which I found out about an hour ago, how about I post some nightmare inducing images for ya to enjoy? These were all taken from Danbooru’s “Nightmare Fuel” pool.

Yeah…I shouldn’t have done this. Well, at least it’ll help keep me up tonight so I can lurk in the #Comiket @ irc.rizon.net channel! :D

Pretty pictures next week, I promise.


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