This is a late post, but there’s a reason. I have caught up with the series, translations of newest chapter, twelve I believe, was done weeks ago, but I wanted to post these numerically. And seeing as Miko Miko Suika 10 was completed months earlier [past November lol] than Miko Miko Suika 09, I decided to wait for 09 and post them together. lol

The following links lead to the download page:

Miko Miko Suika 09: Autumn Won’t Come to the Hakurei Shrine!?

Suika always wanted to settle an incident all by herself. Something the Hakurei Shrine Maiden usually does, and as she is wearing the Hakurei Shrine Maiden clothing, why can’t she? But Suika is rather dense, she didn’t notice the incident right under her nose. Someone is collecting Autumn, and the Hakurei Shrine maiden is nowhere to be found, it’s up to Suika to settle this incident!

Miko Miko Suika 10: The (Temporary) Hakurei Shrine and Year’s Eve

The Hakurei Shrine welcomes the New Year in its temporary state. New Year’s is the Shrine’s biggest event, if keeps like this, it will not rake any profits at all! But well, the Shrine hasn’t prepared anything, so Reimu and Suika decide to tour Gensokyo and see how other residents pass New Year’s…and fill their stomachs research while at it!

Youyou Kengeki Musou

This game, by AnnkakeSpa, was released the previous Comiket 81. Featuring Konpaku Youmu as our main character, this game is a hack and slash game where you make your way through fairies and a few Touhou characters. It’s quite a short fun game, doesn’t take long to clear.

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Coming this Comiket 81, Morino Hon will be releasing the final entry in the Omoito series. It seems the fourth installment will be very long with a whopping 90 pages for Omoito alone (plus 30 pages for the extra N2FC comic). I really can’t wait to see how this will end. So excited!!

Here’s a little teaser to keep us excited while we wait: CLICK ME.

I guess this pretty much explain what the title means. “Omoito” seems to be a combination of “omoi” (feelings/emotions) and “ito” (thread). I first translated it as “Main Thread”, so I’m a bit far off. lol

Haniwa's Store - Gossip at the Temporary Hakurei Shrine

Haniwa's Store - Gossip at the Temporary Hakurei Shrine

One night, a child came to visit the Hakurei Shrine in hopes of getting help from the Youkai Exterminating Shrine Maiden of Hakurei. However, this child…is a spitting image of Yukari!! Is Yukari up to something again!? And what is it she needs help with?

Download Here.

[Haniwa's Store] Old Tales at the Moriya Shrine

Haniwa's Store - Old Tales at the Moriya Shrine

[Haniwa's Store] The Hakurei Shrine VS Youkai & Human

Haniwa's Store - The Hakurei Shrine VS Youkai & Human

Old Tales at the Moriya Shrine
While the cat is away, the mouse will play! Left to look over the Moriya Shrine,Yuugi and Suika start drinking and Suika reminisces about how she first began wearing the Shrine Maiden clothing of the Hakurei Shrine. But of course, being who they are, they eventually start to play, will the Moriya Shrine be alright?


The Hakurei Shrine VS Youkai & Human
Not satisfied by the way Suika rebuilt the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu insists on having it return back to normal. But in order to do that, they must first demolish the shrine. But who knew the Shrine would be so sturdy? Taking this as a challenge, a few youkai gather to destroy the pride and joy of Nitori, the highly customized Hakurei Shrine! Let the battle begin!


Ha ra ra - an old secred diary

Take a peek in Marisa’s diary and read about the time she first moved into Gensokyo’s Forest of Magic. What awaits her in that dangerous forest? Will her first night end peacefully?

Download link.

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PONJIYUUSUU? - Gensou Liar Game I PONJIYUUSUU? - Gensou Liar Game II

Hell is in a dire economic situation. In order to stabilize it, a new plan suggested by a great youkai is unleashed into Gensokyo. This plan will surely be accepted by the denizens of Gensokyo, hell is riding on this plan’s success.

After the plan is enacted, the game know as Liar Game begins! Round One starts! Who will reign victorious in this game of “Liar Tag”!?

Download Gensou Liar Game I
Download Gensou Liar Game II

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