A huge earthquake hits Gensokyo and black clouds arose from the hole it created. The clouds brought forth black rain which corroded the lands of Gensokyo. The source of the earthquake seems to have come from the underground. What happened there? How did such a calamity happen?

Utsuho of the Void was the very first doujinshi I translated and edited. And because I was new at it, there were a few problems with it. Since then, I’ve decided to stick only to translations and leave the editing to the great people over at Voile.

This meant any further edits were left in the void, also no new chapters were in sight. But now that all five chapters have appeared, I can finally finish the first doujinshi I have ever worked on! All chapters have been translated and three are ready for reading (much thanks to natural-log)! Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – False Sun
Chapter 2 – The Sunspot’s Light
Chapter 3 – The Pain of Separation

It’s New Year’s Eve, Keine sends Mokou to give their homemade soba to people who have been helpful to them. When Mokou returns home, Keine is nowhere to be found. Worried, she tries to find any leads for Keine’s whereabouts. Where could Keine be? On a day like this, a youkai strength is the same as a human’s, did something happen to her?


Hourai has left Alice’s side. She wants to know exactly what she is… why is she moving without the aid of Alice, why is she conscious? And the one who knows that, is Yuuka. Having spent time with a self moving doll, Medicine, Yuuka may know what Hourai is and what is going on. The truth is then revealed. And Alice fights to save her precious friend.


The final entry of the the Omoito series. I have been eagerly waiting to see the conclusion of this story. It was a great emotional ending, I really recommend this to everyone.

Electric Fan for the Temporary Hakurei Shrine!?

It’s summer and both Suika and Reimu seek shelter from the heat. And they know a place which has a wondrous device which blows away the heat, that device is an electric fan which is equipped at the Moriya Shrine. Who knew such a device existed? Reimu now wants one for her own shrine, and it’s up to Nitori to make one for her. Things will not end well, will they?

lol Nitori is a mad engineer in training. Can’t she make anything normal? I can see her making a death ray soon…


Shrine Maiden Awakening at the Hakurei Shrine!?

Both Suika and Reimu wear the Shrine Maiden clothing of the Hakurei, but for some reason, Suika is known and accepted as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden by village. What’s the difference? Why isn’t Reimu recognized? Reimu finally pinpointed the reason and awakens as a true Shrine Maiden!! So what makes a Shrine Maiden a Shrine Maiden?

Will Reimu ever get a break? All she wants is donations and visitors for the shrine… but well, it’s still in its temporary state so it would be difficult to get people to come. But now that a rumor has surfaced about the shrine, even less visitors will come. Not like… there were any to begin with!


Chef Remilias Cooking Will Make You Happy!!

It is now the era where even vampires can cook! And with Remilia’s majestic abilities, she would be able to cook up something amazing, right? Of course! And her the first things she wants to cook, is the ultimate hamburger! But things get a little bit out of hand. Is Remilia just not cut out for cooking?


I want to try Flan’s cooking.

Remilia’s scares me a bit…

VIVIT GRAY – Andante

Mokou can’t get along with anyone but Keine, Keine feeling this isn’t good for Mokou, she encourages her to try out different school clubs as a way to get used to people. However, Keine starts feeling lonely without Mokou and mustered up her courage to ask Mokou to join her club… but Mokou had already decided on a club she wants to join.

More VIVIT GRAY, more Keine X Mokou. Although I do like this pair, I sort of want to see something else from VIVIT GRAY. But now that we’re in an alternate world, we’ll keep seeing more Keine X Mokou stories.